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Attend BlissDom Blog Conference – Ticket Giveaway!

I went to BlissDom Blog Conference last year and spoke at one of the Wisdom Workshops. It was a fabulous experience and the entire conference was not only educational, but an amazing experience. BlissDom is a conference that pampers it’s attendees with great entertainment, fabulous keynotes and an amazing atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to this year’s BlissDom because I’ve seen the conference schedule – the content this year is going to be amazing. I’ll be speaking with Melanie and Shelley in the SEO and Stats – Blogging with Strategy Wisdom Workshop. I’m excited to share more about how to blog smart with you guys.

And on that note – Who’s coming to BlissDom Blog Conference with me? What’s that? You don’t have a ticket yet? That’s ok – I have one for you. One lucky winner is going to win a Wisdom Workshop and Full Conference Pass ticket to BlissDom 2011!

How to enter?

Required Entry – Be subscribed to the newsletter either on this website(Topics – writing/blogging/making money online), or on Untrained Housewife(topics parenting/home management/back-to-basics).

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know that you are a subscriber!

Additional Entries –

1. Subscribe to another newsletter. (leave a comment)

2. Tweet about this giveaway. (leave a comment – one per day)

3. Share about this giveaway on Facebook. (leave a comment – one per day)

Sample tweet or Facebook message “I want to go to #Blissdom with @AngEngland! http://bit.ly/BDTicket”

Winner will be randomly selected from entries received prior to January 5, 2011 at 11:59pm CST. Winner is responsible for any expenses associated with travel, hotel or attending the conference. See you there!

Want another chance to win? Visit my friend Heather Solos at Home-Ec101 who is also hosting a giveaway opportunity!

This giveaway winner was Valerie who attended BlissDom – I was so happy she had a chance to do so.


  1. I subscribed! Thank you for the chance to go! With our Ethiopian adoption in full swing, I just couldn’t justify a ticket in our budget. I’d really love to go and see how I can use the blog to help with the adoption expenses.

  2. Tweeted!

  3. Well, I’ve covered all my bases and subscribed to both of your newsletters. You know… to be on the safe side!

  4. And I have tweeted… Here’s the link. Because you need to giggle and know I love you. http://twitter.com/#!/Nikki_S/status/20320526153031680

  5. My daily Facebook update. I plan on entering something extremely funny or witty every day to get my daily entry… enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/nicholesmith/posts/133838436677165

  6. Just subscribed…why hadn’t I already? Puzzling…thanks for the great giveaway, Ang!

  7. Lori @ Just Pure Lovely says:

    Tweeting now @justpurelovely. I desperately want to go!

  8. Lori @ Just Pure Lovely says:

    I subscribed to this newsletter via LinkedIn. I’m Lori Seaborg there.

  9. Lori @ Just Pure Lovely says:

    And….I subscribed to Untrained Housewife via email address.

  10. I am subscribed to Untrained Housewife!

  11. I am subscribed to this website!

  12. Thank you! I subscribed to the Untrained Housewife newsletter

  13. I subscribed to the untrained housewive’s newsletter.

  14. I subscribed to your other newsletter.

  15. I tweeted!

  16. I posted this on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I subscribed!

  18. Sign me up!!

  19. I subscribed to your newsletter. Thank you so much for even the chance to win a free ticket!

  20. I subscribed to Angela’s The Renaissance Woman newsletter and am looking forward to getting it! I am also hoping to win that ticket to Blissdom 2010! I live just south of Nashville so I can get there I just need a ticket to get in!

    Thanks! Micky Jones

  21. Also subscribed to the Untrained Housewife newsletter too! I would really love to go to Blissdom!

  22. Tweeted – @nashvillebirth Asked if any birth bloggers are going!

  23. Done! Subscribed! Thanks!!

  24. Also put it on my Facebook page – I have 1307 friends so hopefully this will help you get the word out and of course give me one more entry! http://www.facebook.com/#!/mickysj

  25. I just signed up for your newsletter! Thank you for having this give away, it gives me hope that I might attend Blissdom Conference.

  26. Just Tweeted about Blissdom conference giveway! @learningtosow

  27. Valerie Hegwood says:

    Hi, Angela….just subscribed to this newsletter and signed up on this site: BTW it is awesome.

    I am on Suite and well and I live in North GA and would love to attend the conference…..

  28. I subscribed! (Although I haven’t seen a confirmation email yet, hmm, I’ll keep waiting!) Thanks so much, I would L.O.V.E. to go to Blissdom!!


  29. I just subscribed to your “Angela England” newsletter.

  30. subscribed to Untrained Housewife newsletter!

  31. I posted on Facebook.

  32. I tweeted your contest too. Thank you for the opportunity!

  33. I’ve subscribed on both sites now, and I retweeted your latest tweet.

    I live in Nashville, and due to life being a struggle, Blissdom totally flew under my radar. Now its on my radar and absolutely can’t afford to go at this point. Kills me that its in my city and I won’t be going! I’ll atleast try to make some of the various meet-ups that I’m sure will happen around it, but if I could actually GO? Oh my, I’d be one giddy lady.

    Thanks for this offer and opportunity!

  34. I am a subscriber!

  35. I tweeted the giveaway!

  36. Sue Anne Reed says:

    Subscribed to your blog via Google Reader :)

  37. Sue Anne Reed says:

    Hi. I tweeted about the conference (and even already have one RT). http://twitter.com/#!/sue_anne/status/20636727295086592

  38. would love to go to Blissdom!

  39. Kaleigh A. says:

    Thank you for this great giveaway! I have subscribed to your newsletter.

  40. I subscribed! I want to go SOOO badly, that I made a silly video too :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_Is1HezUEU

  41. Tweeted! @melindatoad on Twitter.

  42. Shared on FB!

  43. I am subscribed to this website newsletter.

  44. I tweeted about this giveaway @funkyfaithgirl

  45. I posted about this giveaway on facebook.

  46. I’d so love to go. Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Lori @ Just Pure Lovely says:

    Tweeted @justpurelovely

  48. Tweeted again today! :)

  49. Shared on Facebook today!

  50. Amy Donaldson says:

    Hello! Just subscribed to the Newsletter for Angela England. Would love an opportunity to go to this conference and learn how I can use my blog to be successful in 2011. Thanks!

  51. I tweeted today @funkyfaithgirl

  52. I posted on Facebook today

    Leigh Dusek

  53. I subscribed to this newsletter!

  54. i subscribed to untrained housewife!

  55. Just tweeted again on 1/1/11 – @nashvillebirth Micky Jones
    I want to learn to be a great blogger – I want to go to #Blissdom with @AngEngland! http://bit.ly/BDTicket

  56. Just put it on Facebook again 1/1/11 – While I hope my friends enter, I sure hope I win!!

  57. I subscribed to untrained housewife!

  58. I subscribe!! :)

  59. I subscribed! Thank you for the chance :)

  60. Paula schuck says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter. I did not know you had one. Can’t wait to see it.


  61. I’m an email subscriber to your newsletter.

  62. subscribed to your newsletter for this site.

  63. I subscribe to this newsletter.

  64. Car a @ This Is Where I Come Up With Something Witty says:

    Subscribed to your newsletter!

  65. Cara @ This Is Where I Come Up With Something Witty says:

    Rt’ed this giveaway

  66. Lori @ Just Pure Lovely says:

    Tweeted just now @justpurelovely

  67. subscribed to your newletter!!


  68. just subscribed. :)

  69. I subscribed to the newsletter! Would LOVE to win… I got to attend a couple sessions (but not the entire conference) last year and I’d SO love to go this year.

  70. I subscribed!

  71. I am subscribed to the untrained housewife newsletter.

  72. and subscribed to the AngEngland newsletter.

  73. I tweeted about it today @funkyfaithgirl

  74. I posted on facebook today too…….I’m hoping I win!!

  75. Tweeted (green_sponge) and subscribed! I WANNA WIN!!

  76. I subscribed to the angengland.com newsletter

  77. I also subscribed to the http://untrainedhousewife.com/newsletters Newsletter.

  78. I subscribed by email.

  79. Subscribed :)

  80. Subscribed to Untrained Housewife newsletter :)

  81. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter!

  82. I subscribed to The Untrained Housewife newsletter!!

  83. I subscribed to the Angela England newsletter!

  84. I subscribe to Untrained Housewife!

  85. Amy @Deals For Dayton says:

    Tweeted about it -DealsForDayton

  86. Amy @Deals For Dayton says:

    I subscribe

  87. Nota Supermom says:

    I subscribed to this site’s newsletter.

  88. Nota Supermom says:

    I subscribed to the Untrained Housewife newsletter.

  89. Nota Supermom says:
  90. Nota Supermom says:

    I facebook’d.

  91. I subscribed!

  92. I sent a tweet about it!

  93. Yes! One more “One more time” to tweet: http://twitter.com/VSliker/status/22639477440643072

  94. I’m subscribed to this blog! Thanks for the chance!

  95. I subscribed to the Untrained Housewife too. By the way, both of my subscriptions were under my doot65 email not this one.

  96. I just became a subscriber!!!

  97. Just tweeted! @meganterry01

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  99. I subscribed! :)

  100. Nota Supermom says:
  101. And…Little Miss Desperate just tweeted again : @justpurelovely

  102. Nota Supermom says:
  103. I’m a subscriber to this site! I’ve been to Blissdom the past two years and would love to attend again, but it just wasn’t in the budget. Being a contributor to Blissfully Domestic, the trip would be even more insightful for me this year!

  104. I just subscribed to your newsletter

  105. I just tweeted it!

  106. I just shared it on facebook

  107. I subscribed to this blog. Thanks for the chance. I also tried to sign up with the Untrained Housewife one but got an Internal Server Error.

  108. Thanks! I’m now signed up for the Untrained Housewife!


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