The Power in Exposing Your Dreams

The Power in Exposing Your Dream

Did you know that a dormant seed is so well protected it can survive for years in a dead-but-not-dead, alive-but-not-alive state? In fact, kernels of wheat (the seed of the wheat plant) found buried in […]

Reclaiming My Name

The other day, I was chatting with a friend about why I love writing so much. “It’s one of the few things I do throughout the day that lasts for more than a minute. And […]

Your Facebook Fans Do Not Owe You Anything

As authors and bloggers, we’re sold a bit of a lie, I think. It seems like many authors get the message, “Build up a huge Facebook following and you’ll sell a million books!” or, “Create […]

Books by Bloggers For Bloggers

Books are a great gift to give when you are buying gifts on a budget as I shared in a recent news segment. They are also an extremely valuable gift, because they provide immense value […]

Writers Write, Right?

I celebrated the launch of a second print book (a co-authored work-for-hire piece) after releasing a self-published Untrained Housewife Guide to Getting Prepared earlier in the year and Backyard Farming last December. Three books since […]

Breaking Free From the Quagmire of Procrastination

It’s a phrase I used once on Twitter when I was chatting with Simon Salt (@incslinger) after BlissDom. He had mentioned staying connected more and I replied, “There’s a balance there in staying connected without […]