Make Money From Your Blogging in New Ways

Making Money Through Writing – More Than “Just Blogging”

Many bloggers enjoy speaking with wit, passion and joy on topics of their choosing -which is a great motivation. For many bloggers the reader interaction, the comments, the ability to be seen as an expert in their area of knowledge, or just the joy of blogging whether anyone other than family ever reads it are all more important than any monetary gain.

However there may come a time when, for whatever reason, the ability to monetize your writing efforts becomes necessary. Or perhaps for you blogging is not only a passion and hobby, but a job. For some people the idea of starting from scratch to create a viable income may seen daunting. The good news is you won’t have to!

Here you’ll learn some tried and true ways in which I’ve turned my blogging and web writing into extra money without duplicating the work I’m already doing. This ebook is going to explore in detail the three main ways I used my web writing to create extra money without having to “do” a whole lot more or find time to exert more energy than I was already using.
As a mother of four young children, now with another on the way, the ability to create passive income in addition to active, regular income was vitally important to me and my family.

We are going to look creating ebooks, selling to print magazines and writing for the various web content sites, using what you’ve already written or are already well researched on, instead of having to start from scratch. This ability to re-tool words you’ve already written; with minimal tweaking, editing, or rewriting, is what will allow you to maximize your time AND income potential.

Price $25 $5*

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“Without you it would have taken me a lot longer to get where I am today—sitting in my living room being able to work from home doing what I love. “


“Make Money From Your Blog Beyond Ads is the first eBook I bought on blogging and it was an investment that totally paid off. Not only did I get to consult with Angela on the direction of my blogging and writing career and learn from her experience, I was also able to understand keyword research better, monetize my existing writing into series of articles, cut down on my time infront of the computer and still earn a living wage. Thank you, Angela!”

~ Prerna of The Mom Writes and Feature Writer at

Price $25 $5*

*I lowered the price of this to $5 because while much of the technical details and some of the writing websites are outdated, the techniques, information, and overall strategies are still highly relevant. I don’t have time to update the details because of other projects I’m working on so please enjoy this book at the steep discount.